Advantages of Assembly Process based on Parts - Virtual Lego® Technic Models

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Advantages of Assembly Process based on Parts

On our website we offer virtual parts needed to assemble virtual Lego© Technic  models. We have a lot of them that you can view HERE. We do not offer the virtual components that can be used for the creation of these pieces. Will only provide parts, each consisting of a set of components that have no relative motion between them in the final assembly, or if they have it's irrelevant from a global point of view. In the pictures below you can see the difference between virtual Lego© Technic COMPONENTS and the virtual Lego© Technic PARTS we offer corresponding to one of our virtual Lego© Technic models, specifically the vLTm 8460-1.

Some COMPONENTS that we used to make  the vLTm 8460-1 and all its PARTS available.

The process of construct each part of a virtual Lego© Technic model from their virtual components is long and it requires the real model to locate the components that make up each of those parts. However, the assembly process of one virtual Lego© Technic model from its parts is much faster. Given we provide the eDrawings document corresponding to each model, the only thing missing to have the model available for simulation is the definition of the positional relationships between its parts. His definition depends on the CAD program that we will use. In the description of vLTm 8459-1 we provide a video in which it's shown with the Solidworks program how to make the assembly using its parts, by defining all positional relationships.

vLTm 8460-1 model.

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