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Some Models and Its Parts

At this moment we provide images of some virtual Lego© Technic models and their constituent parts. With these parts, using the CAD program chosen, with the help of the eDrawings file also available, and knowledge about how to conduct the assembly process in the corresponding CAD program, the user can learn CAD technics and complete the process. The result is a virtual model that can be used to carry out simulation tasks with the tools that facilitate each CAD program.

Image 1.10.- Virtual Lego© Technic Model vLTm 8034-4.

Image 1.11.- Virtual Lego© Technic Model vLTm 8853-1.

Image 1.12.- Virtual Lego© Technic Model 8455-1.

Image 1.13.- Virtual Lego© Technic Model 8466-1.

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