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Virtual Lego® Technic Model - vLTm 8448-1

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On this page you will find the information available on this model: (1) a link to that provides all the information available on the actual model; (2) the images available of the virtual model, including an animation showing it in motion and a link to the repository; (3) a link to channel of VirtualLegoTechnic; (4) a link to buy the actual model through,  which is like eBay but for Lego©; (5) A link to, from where you can download the eDrawings document available for this model, which is like the instruction book for assembly the virtual model; (6) A link to information regarding this model located on the blog, completely dedicated to Lego© Technic; and (7) a link to our FTP server from where you can download the virtual parts in a format that can be read by any CAD program. Through Paypal you can buy the password needed to unzip the downloaded virtual parts.

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