Virtual Lego® Technic Models

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Welcome to Virtual Lego® Technic Models (vLTm): CAD models based on real Lego® Technic sets of all time, made with Solid Edge and ready to be opened with Siemens NX, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Pro/Engineer, and Catia.

Virtual Model vLTm 8890-2 in motion.

In this site you'll find a bunch of virtual Lego© Technic models (vLTm) all ready to be assembled from its parts with a CAD program. They are based on real Lego© Technic models (LTm) of all time with minor modifications.

All parts that have each one have the ability to move in the CAD model completely assembled within limits which are or may be established. They are formed by a set of virtual Lego© Technic components who have no relative motion between them. Once assembled in the CAD program of your choice, the parts that each one has will be able to move between each other within the established limits, and you will be able to observe their movements in the same way that if you had the real model in your hands.  Each of those parts was created with the Solid Edge CAD program from a set of virtual Lego© Technic components, by imposing as condition that they had no movement between them. Doing it this way the number of parts of any model is very small compared with the number of components needed to create it. So the time required for the assembly is significantly lower than what you would need if it had to be assembled from its components, as is done in the actual model.

To see how to do and to do it by yourself, in the description of  model vLTm 8816-1 you will find a video in which the assembly process of this model is shown from its parts. It is the first of those available.

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