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Actual Assembly of Lego© Technic Models

It is a fact that there are now a lot of Lego© Technic models that anyone with sufficient funds can purchase in order to enjoy their assembly. In the following video we can see how to access the Lego website, and how to locate Lego© Technic models and how to buy any of them by accessing their online store.

Lego© Technic website.

When we receive our order we find a nicely designed box, with amazing images and data on the contents of the kit. Usually, the front of the box shows pictures of main model that can be mounted with the components of the set, and on the reverse, the complementary model that can be assembly with almost the same components. Logically, in order to mount the two models should acquire the set twice.

Box of model LTm 42006, bags with the components, and paper instruction books for main model.

Inside the box we find that the plastic components are distributed in bags, with seemingly incoherent order, and we find the paper instruction book for assembly the main model. Note that it is stated that the assembly instructions for the complementary model are available for download on somewhere at the Lego© Technic website.

How to download instructions of the model LTm 42006-2.

The usual procedure is to go assembling the model using the bagged components, following the instructions provided in the book. These instructions are made so that anyone can understand and carry out the assemble of the selected model without problems.

At the end of the process you will have in your hands the Lego© Technic model selected, and you will can manipulate all actuators available, some manually and others through engines included, powered by batteries not included. The following image shows one of the Lego© Technic models (LTm) from our collection. You can find pictures of all our models HERE.

Model LTm 8053-1 from our collection.

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