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Virtual Lego® Technic Model - vLTm 8421-4

Models > vLTm 8415 to 8437

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On this page you will find the information available on this model: (1) a link to that provides all the information available on the actual model; (2) a link to buy, if available, the Recurdyn-ready model (ReR model); (3) a second link to buy the pre-assembled model (pam); (4) a third link to buy the Virtual parts of the model; (5) a fourth link to buy the actual model through, which is like eBay but for Lego©; and (6) a fifth link to our FTP server, from where you can download the pre-assembled model (pam) in a format that can be read by any CAD program (like Solidworks, Inventor, Siemens NX and PTC Creo), and this kind of model ready to be open by any version (at least ST3) of the Solid Edge program. In the pre-assembled model (pam) each of its parts is located in place and there is no defined restriction to the movement between them. The ReR model is ready to be imported in the Recurdyn program and to begin to define a simulation in this environment. Through GrabCad you can download the oNe model, if available. The "oNe-model" is ready to test the capacity of your computer to read this Virtual Lego© Technic Model. All files at our FTP server are encrypted. Through Paypal you can buy the password needed to unzip the encrypted downloaded files (*).
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